I hate to ask you favours but… After the positive reaction of the song ‘the Perfect Day’ from airplay on RRR in Melbourne we realize it seems to strike a chord with people. It’s sent listeners scrambling into Polyester Records looking to find the song after hearing it.

We’re now trying to get it a few spins on JJJ to bring it to an even wider audience. Generally that station won’t play songs that’ve been out for a while but if enough people request it they might give it a try. You might think it odd I’m trying to promote a cover song with all the originals to choose from, but that particular recording feels quite magic to me and I think it comes across that way on radio too.

Here’s the link: MAKE A REQUEST
Or you can call Rosie after 6PM weeknights on 1300 0555 36

But seriously only do this if the song means something to you. Don’t just do it for me. Don’t say if the announcer says: “Why did you request this song (insert your name)?” “Cause Darren says on his website I should do it. I don’t even know the song.” “Oh…” DEAD AIR

That would be embarrassing for everyone.

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