Song Title Competition

(Just letting you know i’ve picked 2 titles out of the huge list i received. Thanks for all the suggestions! stay tuned for the tunes)

So while all this website stuff is getting sorted out i thought i might set
myself an assignment. It’s been a while since i left school and I miss it
sometimes. people are always offering ideas for songs which never works. I
think I write better to song Titles so this is the competition….
please send
any song title ideas you have to along with your name and mailing address.

I’ll choose 2 and write songs for them. if i get them done in time i’ll have
them pressed onto vinyl for the next Australian tour coming up later in the

Of course there”ll be a prize and a ”Song Title” writing credit for
your resume.
Not sure what the prize will be but lets just say its value will
be somewhere between a Porsche and an Iced Vovo.

home please