European Tour Imminent

so the European tour has almost begun and i haven’t told anyone about it yet. so….
here goes. i’ll be traveling to Norway and Estonia for some festivals and then making my way to the UK. i”m sorry that i haven”t had time to look for more shows. if anyone has any ideas please email ”” i have my guitar and banjo and will travel. i’m up for an adventure. when i get to London i’ll be meeting up with a great drummer called Pikelet who’ll be playing with me as well as supporting at some shows. so if you’re around please keep checking the dates page as i’ll keep adding to them over the next few weeks. and US tour dates will go up soon too. man, too much information!



3rd Bergen, Norway, Summerpop at Garage
with Jeff and Jack Lewis

6th Egersund Folk festival, Norway

7th Schilling Ilusa Muusika Festival, Kilingi-Nomme, Estonia

10th Riga, Latvia, Club Depo

18th London, UK, Gramaphone

22nd Brighton, UK, Joogleberry Theatre Juuksur

27th Hamburg, Germany, Gruener Jaeger


1st SVMK@ Debaser, Slussen, Stockholm Sweden

3rd St Petersburg, Russia TBC

4th Tallinn, Estonia, Juuksur

5th Helsinki, Finland, TBC

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