I have finally worked out this streaming situation. I’m sad I can’t reach you all this year so this seems like the only other option. It’ll be beamed out to you from the Majestic Theatre in Pomona on Saturday 19th Dec at 7pm, it’s a place that’s very special to me. And it’ll actually be live! No chance to edit out lyric lapses and broken strings. And there’ll be a chance for you to request songs (or heckle) from the comfort of your lounge rooms.

This means you’ll be able to watch it at 5pm in WA, 8am in the UK, 11am in Estonia… and that covers all my major markets. Sadly in the US it’ll be the wee hours of the morning, you’d have to be keen to actually watch it live. So for that reason, and anyone else who has plans that night, you’ll be able to stream it anytime for up to two weeks after the fact.

Shelley Short will sing some songs too, and there’s the possibility of other guests. Truly hope you’re able to dial us into your Xmas period!

Individual tickets are $20, with a $30 option if you feel like chipping in for the whole family. Once tickets are purchased you’ll be emailed instructions and an exclusive code which will give you access on the day.


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