Filmed amid the old-world charm of the Sou’wester Lodge on location in Seaview, Washington State, I present to you the new clip for When You Go.

I’ve spent lots of time at the Sou’wester these past years, holed up in a van, or a stately room in the lodge. In fact I was their first artist in residence, which was so dreamy…piles of books delivered to me for inspiration, sounds of the ocean. The staff would bring surprise bowls of blueberries in the morning and warm sake at night.

The coastline just down the road is wild and dramatic and marks the spot where Lewis and Clark completed their trans-continental ramble of America.  Apparently they encountered fierce storms, rolling waters and high winds that held them at bay for 3 weeks. “The most disagreeable time I have experienced,” wrote Clark on his Blog. I can see where he’s coming from, and have braved the icy waves only once as a dare, but that kinda of dramatic weather is nice when you’ve got a warm van to bunker down in.

A short bike-ride further north lays the tourist town of Longbeach.  It’s everything you’d expect of a faded, sandblasted resort town: seasonal video game arcades, crumbling old carousels and bumper-cars, a meth-head Go-Cart Track that would make any public liability assessment officer salivate onto his clipboard.  It’s also home of Marsh’s Free Museum which houses, in a glass case, the mummified remains of Jake, half man/half alligator, found in a swamp somewhere in Florida in the early 90s. A newspaper clipping says a woman traveled there recently with a priest and married him (Jake, not the priest).

So, the clip. Believe it or not there was no script! We just arrived for a weekend with a camera and a few friends and made it up as we went along.  Lots of special people feature: Shelley Short as the fickle love interest, her Dad Joe as the fish monger, Eric Isaacson as himself (head honcho of Mississippi Records in Portland), plus the two wonderful ladies who own and run the Sou’wester, Thandi (who plays my disgruntled boss) and Cathy (‘Thrifty’ vintage clothes seller).

It was directed by local filmmaker Jeff Rowles, who was happy to go along with the looseness of it all.

So if any of you find yourself in the Pacific North West, drop in and stay for a while at the Sou’wester. If you’re an artist or writer call ahead to see if there’s space for a residency and stay for a whole week! Tell them I sent you and you might get a good rate, or at least some free blueberries.

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