There’s a new album finally. I recorded it in Portland earlier this year. How would I describe it? Well, thanks for asking….firstly it’s called ‘I Will Love You at All.’ I’d say it’s my most stripped back and lyrically direct collection of songs thus far. There’s some great players on it from the local Portland area. Piano tinkler Cory Gray is there of course. As well as Rachel Blumberg, indie rock drummer extraordinaire. A duet with Shelley Short. In fact her vocals, along with Alia Farra, give the album a lot of it’s character. It was a pleasure to sing with them both.

I really am happy with it…for now. Give me a month and it’ll pain me to listen to it ever again. That always happens though. Ultimately I’m not supposed to like it. The main thing is that you do!

So, do you want to preorder a copy now?
You’ll get it a week before the shops. (16th July)

There’s two versions. One is a limited fans edition. I’ll be honest it’s the same songs but with nicer packaging (embossed, no less!) plus a signature from yours truly.

Follow this link HERE

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