New Music Video for Electric Skeleton

The new music video for Electric Skeleton has been chosen as “Indie clip of the Week” on Rage.

Conceived and Filmed in about 6 hrs by Natalie Van Den Dungen and her buddies in a Melbourne warehouse she’s just moved into that day.

Here’s what Nat had to say about it:

“This was rapid-fire video making. Darrens only instruction was that it needed to include an Electric Skeleton that zaps people when it touches them. I had a chance to listen to it the next day and before I knew it I had a team of 4, a location and an idea. So many ideas came from things that happened that day or we found, it was kind of like the Wombles making a video clip.

Currently in between houses I found myself residing, for one week only, in a residential warehouse space that is filled with props and gadgets just waiting to be included in some film – an obvious location choice.

A friend came round to help me shift my fridge that I was donating to the warehouse. Once we had picked it up we stopped for some food and went and collected our creative genius friend Celeste Potter (Ouch My Face)from her boredom, with the plan that she would be the skeleton and create the costume and anything else that required paint. It turned out this was a long standing dream of hers to play the role of a skeleton and she had already researched skeleton costumes. We returned to the warehouse and met up with Paul Edwards the resident mastermind of the place (and soon to be star), with the replacement fridge and Celeste (soon to be donned Skeleste).

When we took out the fridge we realised Celeste could fit inside it and the incubator idea was born. Paul had earlier that day turned his green screen walls into crazy silver walls as part of a recording he was doing, which added to this idea perfectly. Whilst loitering in the kitchen I picked up some kind of washing machine piping, white, which happened to look like hips and legs and that was how we came about making the skeleton out of kitchen utensils and other white household goodies.

Once we had the idea on paper we started building the sets and collecting items for the costumes. Celeste designed the skeleton and painted necessary skulls on fridges and masks. Steve helped gaffer tape on the skeleton parts after kindly going home to collect more goodies for the shoot. We started filming around 1am, but I can’t be sure, and went until 5:30am to the point where our brains started to melt.

We had a lot of fun making it and I hope you have as much watching it. Ohhhh.”



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