New Compilation Album Released…Pointing Ray Guns At Pagans

The latest record is now available for you to buy and spin at will. Get it now from Flippin Yeah.

It’s $20 + postage and released in stores 16th March. For our International friends this is the only place to get it right now.

Here’s the official crackle:

Ironically for a writer who’s never put one on an album it was a cover song that inspired this musical career archive.

“I recorded a version of 80’s pop single ‘the Perfect Day’ (Fischer Z) and put it on side B of a very limited edition promo disc. It ended up getting a bit of airplay somehow and then the emails started flooding in asking where to find it” Hanlon says.

Not one for pouncing on an opportunity it’s taken him 4 years to finally release the song properly as part of the b-sides, rarities and unreleased song collection Pointing Ray Guns at Pagans.

A melange of disparate tracks cherry picked from the whole period of his 9-year career as a solo performer. Some of these have proven live favourites despite not ever being part of an official album.

“I finally felt there was enough content of unofficial material to constitute a descent body of work. I tend never to have much excess material but out of the 25 or so tracks I had lying around I narrowed it down to the best 15 so it wouldn’t be a kitchen sink glut. I would hope this album sounds as cohesive as any of the other ones.”

Entries include his first ever recorded song, ‘Funpark Fugitives’ to the most recent limited-edition single ‘Electric Skeleton’ as well as unreleased versions of ‘Pinball Millionaire’ and ‘Eli Wallach’ which has a surprise guest vocal from the Magnetic Fields Claudia Gonson.

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