I’m Just sneaking down the chimney for only a few Xmas shows this year. Sorry I”m not making it the full way around this time but I hope to get out of the house a little more often in March.

For my lack of mileage though I’m making up for it with….innovative venue ideas! Well, in two places at least…

Sydney: If anyone has ever lived in the inner west of Sydney then maybe they’ve had a late night temptation to embrace their inner goth and jump the graffitied walls of St Stephens Church in Newtown. Beyond lies the spooky colonial graveyard, along with other miscellaneous headstones relocated from the graves they once marked in the greater part of the cemetery after it was covered over and turned into a municipal park and playground.

I approached the resident minister and he was open to having a live performance inside the beautiful old sandstone church there. The show will be late afternoon on Saturday 20th, December and we encourage you to come early and have a picnic or throw a frisbee in the park. Try not to disturb what lies beneath, I’ll be nervous enough as it is.

This will be all ages. there will no alcohol and minimal bad language.

Brisbane: I’ve been driving past The Old Museum in Brisbane for years and imagined dusty shelves full of shrunken heads and specimen jars with baby Thylacines behind it”s stately Romanesque facade. Now we’ll all get to see for ourselves. Apparently it’s been hosting music for years starting way back in 1891. The good people at Mammoth have commandeered a room inside and will be hosting the xmas show for me.

Like St Stephens this show will be all ages although alcohol can be purchased too and all profits go to charity. Bring the family if they”re not annoying you.

Now all this is not to say that the East Brunswick Club in Melbourne isn’t exciting and interesting too. I’ll do my best to make it seem like you’ve stepped through a portal and arrived in a yuletide fantasia. I plan to do this with tinsel.

Also, on invitation from the good people at Happy Yess I’ll be bringing the Xmas show to Darwin for the first time, and experiencing December in the tropics first hand. I’ll bring gills so i can breathe out doors.

As always all shows will be solo and hopefully intimate in atmosphere.

Bring your own mug. I’ll make some mulled wine.

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