Daniel Kitson the Video Star

We made a music video for the song Fingertips and Mountaintops late last year. It starred Uk comedian Daniel Kitson. Daniel, myself and the director Nat had different ideas as to the plot but in the end we mashed them all together. Over the course of 3 minutes you can witness one mans personal journey from repressed private school lecturer to sweet-toothed, adventurous bicycle thief, all played out on the streets of Melbourne.

Daniel was quite the gentleman and kept everyone entertained on set. The catch phrase quot;be careful, I burn lenses!quot; was heard often. The only moment that came close to a leading man tantrum was when the behind-the-scenes camera crew failed to capture him solving the Melbourne Ages quot;target wordquot; in under 15 seconds. (We recreated the moment later for the cameras)

Anyway, if you haven”t heard of Daniel before you really should see about rectifying that situation. He’s a guy you feel you could hang out with and swap CD’s. His comedy hits your funny bone and thinking bone at the same time.
Here’s the clip…


also another clip that we couldn”t put up is here;


And lucky for you he”s back in Australia! His tour dates are at his site:


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