Sydney this Weekend

for those kids living in the Emerald City there’s a few things happening this weekend i thought you might be interested in. Firstly, on Saturday 5th I’ve been asked to participate in the opening of the Sydney Festival for a free gig in the Domain. Myself, Angie Hart and others are singing songs written by various children from around the country. we’ll be accompanied by the Sydney youth orchestra and choir so it’ll sound lush i expect. the songs themselves are pretty cute and in one i’m supposed to be a ”bruised banana”. Anyway, it kicks off at 5pm and soon after Brian Wilson is playing. That’s right I say, and for free! We worked out the other night that you could finish any sentence with “and then Brian Wilson is playing” and people will be suitably impressed (take note anyone who has to tell their parents they failed last semester…break the news this Saturday).

The next day on the 6th my friend Stef (Architecture Records Boss) and I are hosting one of our underneath the Clothesline events at 2 frederick St, Petersham. It’s $5 and Joel Plaskett (Canada singing guy) and Sui Zhen (amazing sydney performer who sang with me at my xmas show) are playing. It kicks off at 4pm…

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