Welcome to my website

Hello to the peoples peering into the screen in front. I thought I’d come to the door and welcome you in. You”re welcome to hang out whenever you want and if I’m not here the key is under the mat.

So I finally entered the cyber age, a place where most people have been living for some time. A suburb I thought I didn’t really belong in, like St Ives. People tell me that I’m a terrible emailer. For Gods sake, I still even struggle to leave a message on a telephone answering machine. So I can’t promise anything. Now this is the place you go to find out when we’re playing and how to get there, and to hear music. And I’m told I should write some stories down too; just pretend it’s my old portable junk store typewriter.

I’d like to thank the guys at the Boompa office who punch in to work each day at an austere, but haunted 1900s office building in Vancouver city (the very one where the 13th floor superstition originated). For Erin who built this, and her boss Rob Caulder who 8 months ago downed chopsticks and eyed me across a tray of sushi: quote what, you don’t have a fucking website? unquote

And as always my gratitude goes out to Crouchie the steersman at Candle Records who’s pushed it all along.

And of course to all of you who’ve bought our records and come to see us play and then even come back again.

Man, I forgot I gotta go and see a Russian about some borijst, meet you later. You can let yourself out.

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