Here’s a little night I’m hosting in Portland this weekend. Perfect thing to do on Valentine’s Day; watch a serial-killer trucker film followed by Australian Kung Fu. If not the Julia Roberts one opens that day too…



At the end of last year I was asked to write a story for biannual literary journal ‘the Lifted Brow.’ This issue (#6) represents an atlas of the world in writing and comes with 2CDs of songs. My piece is called ‘International Cinema’ and relates two different experiences seeing movies in Denmark and France.

Read about it HERE!


I’m so happy to present the DVD featuring Eli Wallach in the music Video for ‘I Wish That I Was Beautiful for You.’ Seven years in the making it also includes a 23min doco on the lead up story, with scenes of Eli and I chatting about his movies (me sounding like a know-it-all nerd) and the unlikely tale behind how it all came to be. Some really touching moments too I think.

This is being released in the US later in the year as a bonus disc to ‘Pointing Rayguns at Pagans’ but we wanted to have it available to all you good people who’ve already bought it. It’s exclusive to the website and not available in shops. If you don’t already have Pagans you can get the same bonus deal off the site too.

Here’s a bit from the official blurb:

“…Many Years ago Australian musician Darren Hanlon wrote a simple Pop song about his favorite actor 94 yr old Eli Wallach, star of many famous and historical films. This is the story of the unlikely chain of events that lead to the two meeting and working together on a music video.

Even though Eli had no idea of the concept of a ‘music video’ his enthusiasm and eagerness for the project is apparent. As is the touching relationship between the two. Eli is an insatiable raconteur and Hanlon an eager listener, and any fan/hero awkwardness fades into genuine friendship, the common ground being their love of film.

Over the course of one wintry day in NYC the Music Video is made, Hanlon even guest staring in a scene with his idol. Other poignant moments involve Wallach pointing out cast members from a photo of Marilyn Monroes last film The Misfits that he also starred in. He names them all off and reveals “They’re all gone now. Except me.” In another scene the nervousness on Hanlons face is obvious as he plays a new recording of his heroes namesake song. Wallach is visibly moved…”

find it HERE!

or with Pagans HERE!

New York with The Magentic Fields

I’ll be supporting the wonderful Magnetic Fields again, this time in their hometown of New York this March. I’m told it’s nearly sold out so get tickets now!

Details on the MF’s homepage….HERE!

Secret Show in Adelaide

I’m having a little sojourn in Adelaide before heading back to the US. Gonna do an unannounced support set for the Handsome Family while I’m there, at the Grace Emily hotel. For Gods sake don’t pay $35 to see me. But they’re worth it for sure.

Wednesday the 20th


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And so it is written: Electric Skeleton came in at #27.
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We’ve been getting heaps of emails regarding the xmas shows. Sydney and Canberra pre sale have sold out and the others are close behind.

There maybe a slight chance we can squeeze a few more on a list to pay $25 at the door for Sydney and there will be tickets on the door for Canberra at $30.

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